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YellowTulippu... clothes and accessories that bring sunshine to your smile...

About us

Yellow tulips mean “there’s sunshine in your smile” just like how we believe in YellowTulippu,イエロツィップ, that buying something nice for yourself or for your loved ones would bring sunshine to your or your friend’s smile!

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3. We will send you an invoice upon confirmation of your orders.
4. Please transfer the payment to DBS savings plus account 019-4-076242 within 2 days after receiving the invoice .
5. Upon receiving your payment, we will post out your purchases to the stated address as soon as possible.

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$0.50 for each item
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Arrival!!!

YellowTulippu Bring You U.FUKURO!!!

u.fukuro originates from Tokyo, Japan. Currently, the brand focuses on canvas bags, accessories, furnishing and reuseable shopping bags.

Treat it like a Make-up Pouch, a Pencil Case, whatever you like!!! =)

FKR-001 **SOLD**

Price: $12.90

FKR-002 **SOLD**
Price: $11.90

FKR-003 **SOLD**

Price: $9.90


Price: $12.90


Price: $11.90

FKR-006 **SOLD**

Price: $12.90

FKR-007 **SOLD**

Measurement: Length = 16cm, Diameter = 6.5cm

Price: $9.90

FKR-008 **SOLD**

Measurement: 7cm X 8cm X 15cm (Refer to FKR-004)

Price: $12.90


Measurement: 7cm X 8cm X 15cm (Refer to FKR-004)

Price: $12.90


Price: $12.90

YellowTulippu blogged on 2:42 AM